Minecraft Logs Analytics

Last updated: Tuesday, December 18th 2021

What is this about?

As of December 18th 2021, Fire will now collect a small bit of information when a log or crash report is uploaded to better understand the usage of this feature (only available in select servers) and to improve it further down the line.

This information will only be shared with the developer of Fire and a select group of people who contribute solutions & recommendations (chosen from moderators, admins and/or owners of servers with this feature enabled)

Your data has never, is never and will never be sold.

The data is stored in Nuremberg, Germany and will never be stored outside of this location.

Can I opt out?

Yes! This data is not necessary to provide the service so I've made it my number one priority to make sure you can opt out of this data collection.

You can opt out by clicking this link and logging in with Discord. Once you see the screen below, your request has been processed successfully

What data is collected?

  • Your Discord user id

  • Name of the Discord server where the log was sent

  • The regular and raw haste links for the log

  • The possible solutions & recommendations that you were given

  • Known cheats present, if any

  • The method used to send the log

  • Minecraft Username

How does this data help?

This data can & will be used in a few different ways but mainly to figure out if solutions, recommendations etc. are being falsely triggered & finding new solutions, recommendations etc. to add to the system

It will also be used to analyze the usage of this feature to better understand how it is being used and to monitor for abuse.

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