Privacy Policy

Last updated: Saturday, April 20th 2024

Why and how is data collected?

Data collected by Fire ("we", "us") and any related applications is solely used to provide the service(s). Data may be collected when using any service with the Fire branding or on domains including but not limited to;





What information do you collect?

When using Fire in a guild you own or are a member of, there's a bit of data collected to provide you with the many features Fire has to offer. The most basic pieces of data collected are the configs for each guild. When running a command you give Fire permission to store all content of that message for up to 30 days (usually only as long as it is needed) whether it be for debugging purposes or to provide the function of said command.

Information about interactions with Fire (running a command, clicking a button, using a dropdown menu etc.) are stored for debugging purposes and to provide insights into how Fire is used. This may include partial message content in the form of parsed arguments and can be stored for longer than 30 days.

Message content is cached in memory to provide features such as logging command but rarely stored outside of this cache unless for debugging purposes. Fire does not store nor do we want to store full message content on disk for any reason not related to providing the service.

Information about Discord objects (guilds, users, channels etc.) may be stored to provide the service or for abuse prevention, such as user & guild blacklists. These are usually stored as their unique snowflake generated by Discord, allowing Fire to retrieve information about them through Discord's API. All information stored on these objects are not end user data and may be excluded from data deletion requests.

When logged into the Fire website, accessing the premium page will create a customer on Stripe (if one doesn't already exist) which uses your Discord account email. This email is only used to provide notifications related to your subscription.

When you link your Google account for the /google command, a token will be stored to authenticate you when it uses the Google Assistant API. This token is not used for any other purposes and is locked to the Assistant API, meaning it cannot access other parts of your Google Account. Data retrieved from this API is used to provide the responses for the command in text, image and audio formats, of which none of them are stored nor is any of the original data retrieved. You can revoke access at any time from in the Privacy section

Information including but not limited to your IP address, country, user agent and the page you visited may be collected by us or third-parties such as Cloudflareor Sentrywhen using any web-facing services we provide. Any of this information stored by us is stored temporarily in logs (usually cleared every few days) for abuse prevention and detection of vulnerabilities.

Where is this data stored?

Any data stored by Fire itself is located in Nuremberg, Germany and will only leave this location for off-site backups and will never leave the EU. As for third-party services, we cannot guarantee where the data is stored therefore we are unable to guarantee data will not be processed and/or stored in certain locations.

What do you do with the data?

The information received and stored is used in accordance with this privacy policy. The main uses of the data are;

  1. Provide you with the services you are using when the data is received

  2. Monitor your compliance with any related terms for internal and external services (e.g. Fire, Discord)

  3. Find and fix any issues or vulnerabilities in a service provided

Your data has never, is never and will never be sold.

How long is said data stored?

We try to store data only for as long as it is required to provide you with our services but in some circumstances this may not be possible. Fire has no way of knowing when a user's account or a guild has been deleted therefore the data may end up being stored indefinitely. Any data cached in memory is either stored until the bot restarts (e.g. guilds, channels etc.) or cleared on an interval (e.g. messages, users & members) . You can see how long Fire has been online for (therefore how long the data has been cached) here.

Can I see the data you have stored relating to me?

Requesting your data package can be done by logging into the Fire website and going to the account page by clicking your profile picture in the top right and clicking Account then using the Request Collected Data button. This is only available once every 30 days and you will be sent a DM on Discord with a link to download your data package which will stay valid for 30 days, alongside it being automatically downloaded on completion of collection.

You may also email to request your data package. You will be required to prove you are who you claim to be when requesting your data via this method.

For a walk-through and explanation of the data package you'll receive, see this article.

You are entitled to request us to erase any personal data we hold about you under EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) or equivalent regulations in your country.

If you wish for us to limit or delete the data we store/have stored, you can email along with any means of identifying who you are. You may also be asked to provide sufficient proof showing you are who you say you are to request data deletion if enough data was not already provided. Any data that may compromise the function of Fire for other users (e.g. moderation logs) will not be deleted without a valid reason (e.g. the account no longer exists). This process may take up to 30 days to complete and does not include data stored by third-party services. You will have to contact them to inquire about data removal and a list of third-party services being used can be requested through the aforementioned email. If we are not satisfied you are who you claim to be, we reserve the right to refuse to grant your request.

Final words

We may, at any time, and at our sole discretion, update or modify this document with or without prior notice (although an announcement will usually be made in our Discord), which we may do for reasons that include, but are not limited to, complying with changes to the law or reflecting changes to our services. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, your continued use of the Service after we post modifications will constitute your acceptance of and agreement to those changes. If you object to the changes, you shall stop using our services and can request data removal as outlined above. Previous versions of all pages on these docs can be found in the GitHub repository.

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