Google Command

Using the Google Assistant in Fire

This page refers to features not yet available in Fire as its application for Google OAuth is currently pending. You will not be able to use these features until it is accepted.

What does the /google command do?

This command allows you to speak to the Google Assistant. By default, it is quite limited as it doesn't know anything about you or have access to anything meaning it'll only support basic questions

Can I use my own Google Account?

Yes, you can! Whenever you ask the assistant anything, you'll see a Link Google Account button underneath which you can use to login securely through your browser. Your email & password are never shared with Fire, only a long random token which Fire can give to Google whenever you use the command so it knows who you are.

With a linked account, you can ask more personal questions and control your linked smart devices, like smart lights, plugs or even your Google TV.

Can I remove my account after I've added it?

Yes, you can remove it at any time from in the Privacy section.

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